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About Nomss

Who is Nomss? is founded by 3 friends that has a passion for the food culture. The initial stages of our blogging journey was going to different restaurants, and experiencing the moment from start to finish. is a local food, lifestyle, travel and culture blog in Vancouver. We are passionate about invoking vivid imagery, descriptive personal experience with in depth coverage. Nomss is featured on the National Post.

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Nomss Definition:

Nomss or nom nom nom represents the sound made when someone is eating something really delicious. Nomss means to eat with extreme delight.


Nomss Mission

is to share our culinary experiences with as many people as possible. We strive to promote the restaurant / tourism scene with vivid imagery, descriptive personal experience, and in depth coverage. We want to stimulate local businesses with honest opinions, and assistant them in promotions to build awareness.


Nomss Branding:

Do you think your brand would be a good fit for Nomss?

Kindly send us an email and we will be happy to forward you our media kit. Our media kit will provide pricing information and give you details about placement.

Nomss Team:

Nancy, Editor in Chief

… Has an insatiable appetite to find fine food to satisfy the palate… a cup of joe is her addiction- however, there is more to it than a sudden rush of caffeine to sustain her daily craziness; it is the aroma and the texture that lingers… “fine” food isn’t all about pretentious fine dining… it is about getting your hands dirty; that niche in that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that becomes incognito; it is about the taste, the texture, the emotion and the memories that mixes everything together… Nancy is passionate about invoking vivid imagery, descriptive personal experience with in depth coverage. She is digitally savvy and energetic about strategic goodwill, digital relationships, food photography and social media. Nancy occasionally pens for and was featured on the National Post.



David, Creative Director

Born and raised in hong kong, where they say it’s the ‘heaven for foodies’. I never appreciated food till I grew up and was stressed from life in general. My favorite food is classic Chinese home cooking. When I’m not at home I enjoy Chinese, Mexican, Spanish, and Italian the most.

There are many roles models in my life that helped me appreciate food. Anthony Bourdain taught me to appreciate not only food but how to communicate that experience with his audience. Another role model is Gordan Ramsey. He has every right to be a critic of food and restaurants with his 12 Michelin stars. These two titans in the food critic world has taught me that in order for me to be a critic to someone, I will have learn how to cook as well. Things are progressing in baby steps. Hope this blog will inspire people to take a different approach to food.


Virginia, Chief Infrastructure Officer

… I love coffee. I tried to make a best shot of espresso at home without spending too much. I am still using my first espresso machine from 6 years ago and now saving up for a finer one.

Now I choose to pay for the best coffee in coffee shops. Life is too Short for Bad Coffee.
I love Asian food, especially Japanese food, or any kind of spicy food.
Yes, I am a software engineer. I can’t write, but I can code.



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