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Charcoal Sushi & BBQ Restaurant, Richmond

Charcoal Sushi & BBQ Restaurant Richmond. Since I’ve been doing my Japanese series, I should roll this article out on Charcoal as well… Charcoal is located next to London Drugs on No.3 Road / Westminster Hwy in Richmond. Before it’s time it’s predecessor used to be a Korean BBQ resto. Charcoal makes a great place for lunch especially since it doesn’t get too brutally busy (dinner time can be quite crowded however) and has plenty of free underground parking. Lunch sets are reasonably priced. 10 bux will get you a fairly generous set. The food here has a creative fusion flare and the menu is quite extensive – japanese fusion, suikiyaki and korean bbq… the photo album consisting of their menu is a nice bonus… see what you are getting into first! Charcoal is clean and seats are comfortable… Some of the food is hit or miss… most of the rolls are variations of the usual suspects: california roll, dynamite roll, dragon roll…

Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant
7997 Westminster Hwy, Unit 250
Richmond, BC V6X 1A4
(778) 297-7255
URL: n/a
Cuisine: Japanese, Fusion

Charcoal Sushi & BBQ Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Japanese, Korean
Price/Entrée: $10-15
Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 3.5
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 3.5

Tako Wasa…

Baby octopus marinated in wasabi sauce… served with seaweed for wrapping / scooping. taka wasa is one of my favorite chilled starters at izakayas but I find it lending towards the salty side.

Shark Fin Salad…

Marinated shark fin (imitation shark fin!) and jellyfish is another refreshing appie to start the meal. Nicely portioned, slightly spicy and tangy.

Hamachi and Kanpachi Sashimi…

The waitress recommended kanpachi to us since they ran out of tuna toro! =( Although both yellowtail fishes; hamachi flavor and color is more intense compared to kanpanchi… I prefer hamachi more… kanpanchi reminds me to tai sashimi.

The Madness Roll…

Basically a California roll topped with tuna, green onion (think negitoro roll filling) and sesame topped with salmon tempura… is average and really nothing special.

Charcoal Roll…

“house” roll with tempura prawn (think dynamite roll), spicy tuna, avocado and topped with salmon… this was much tastier than the madness roll…

Big Roller Roll…

Mixture of chopped scallop topped with unagi and avocado… this is a very creamy roll, loaded with ingredients with two kinds of sauce drizzled on top: 1. Tangy thousand island rendition; 2. sweet teriyaki like sauce.

Chicken Yakisoba…

Part of the lunch special menu that came with 4 gyozas and miso soup. Although a good deal for the portion the noodles was way too salty and oily. Gyozas were your average stuffed pork and cabbage.


Takoyaki of deep fried crab and avocados topped with dried squid bonito flakes… heavy on batter and slightly fishy… I still prefer a traditional takoyaki

Bacon Kinoko Yakiudon…

Creamy pan fried udon with mushrooms, kinoko, bonito flakes…  a sister version to the Mentaiko Yakiudon. Yummy, I usually add some Japanese chili powder for extra seasoning. Sometimes it gets a bit bland.

Other notables…

Sashimi wrap…

Chopped tuna, salmon and scallop tartar served with seaweed…  supposedly part of the ‘secret menu’

Soft Shell Crab…

The size of the crab was nice served with ponzu sauce. Perfectly deep fried and seasoned with spicy Japanese chili pepper.

As you can tell I’ve been here quite a few times… Charcoal’s menu has a lot of variety and is reasonably priced, resto is clean and well maintained, centrally located and easily accessible (even by transit)… food is decent and definitely I would rather come here over places like Sushi Town any day. So possibly I will  see you next time I’m here during my lunch hour =)

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