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Chez Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch, Coquitlam

Chez Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch

Let’s start with a story… The experience first started in Montreal in search of the best breakfast… I was in Montreal for a work conference and Rice Bucket came to join me over the weekend for a mini vacation. We were on a mission to find the best brunch in Montreal. The concierge recommended Cora’s in Du Village (aka The Gay Village) along Rue Ste-Catherine Est. We did our research and Cora’s had raving reviews.  Little did we realize that Cora’s was 10 long blocks away from the hotel…

We walked the ‘East Hastings’ of Montreal, we saw cathedrals, poverty, two guys fighting over a backpack, another lying on the side of the street… slightly intrigued yet slightly nervous… Light came on the other side of the tunnel when we arrived Cora’s.  The place is filled of sunshine (literally sunny logo, yellow decor and cheerful staff)…

Cora on Urbanspoon

Cuisine: Western, Breakfast and Lunch
Price/Entrée: $10-15
Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 4
Service: 4
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 4

Chez Cora`s P1010599  Chez Cora`s 1

Chez Cora`s P1010606 Chez Cora`s P1010595

The food is tasty and the egg is truly incredible with so many variations to a hearty breakfast – egg benny, omelette, crepes, waffles; you name it! The portions are huge! Most entrees comes with toast (pre-buttered, and a choice of sourdough, whole grain, white, etc… )… sometimes, you just don’t feel like pancakes!

Spinach and Cheddar Omelette

Chez Cora`s 3

Omelette made with bacon, ham, sausages, Frankfurters, bologna, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms and Cheddar, served with roasted potatoes and toast.

Eggs Ben et Dictine

Chez Cora`s 2

Two poached eggs on an English muffin covered with Hollandaise sauce, served with roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.

The ironic part was this experience was that Rice Bucket discovered later at night, Cora’s wasn’t a stand-alone diner; but was a chain with a franchises all over Canada and one located in Coquitlam (<10min walk from home!!) … oh, irony, how I love you!

So… we occasionally return to Cora’s not just for a hearty delish brunch but also for nostalgic reasons… sometimes for a good laugh…

Apparantely, if you go to Cora’s website there was some madness to our adventure…

The adventure began in May 1987, when Cora bought a small diner in Montreal’s Saint Laurent district. After just a few months of operation, Cora changed the diner mission, making breakfasts her specialty. Combining fruit, cheese, cereal, omelettes, crepes and French toast, culinary magician Cora started a whole new breakfast concept in Quebec.


Ham  & Swiss Cheese Omelette

Chez Cora`s P1010611

Omelette made with ham and swiss cheese, served with roasted potatoes and toast.


10 Star – Egg in a Skillet au Gratin

Chez Cora`s P1010613  Chez Cora`s P1010614

Skillet with an egg on a bed of potatoes, served with fresh fruit and toast. Bacon, ham, sausages, Frankfuters, bologna, spinach, green onions, tomatoes, onions, red/green peppers, mushrooms and cheddar.

Chez Cora`s P1010608

They have daily smoothie specials – today’s was mango, pineapple and banana!

The table next to us had the bagel with smoked salmon, served with a heaping pile of fruit which looked absolutely amazing and also a cinnamon brioche made French Toast served with an egg, bacon and also more fruits. I guess I know what to order next time I (we) return… au reviour!

p.s. come early because this place gets really busy, esp on the weekends!

p.p.s. their coffee is apparently more expensive than a Stabucks grande drip coffee…

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