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G-Be Izakaya Japanese Restaurant, Burnaby

G-Be Izakaya Japanese Restaurant, Burnaby located in ground level outside the new Grand Villa Casino off hiway #1 Willingdon exit (#29 in case you are wondering…) is a pretty izakaya and a great meeting place with friends to catch up on life’s most important issues… G-Be is part of the Gyoza King group who has also brought you Gyoza King, G-Men, Gyo-O and Grazy Dog… Paper cranes, paper lanterns and Japanese historic inspired architecture fills the resto. There are plenty of booths/tables on either side of the center communual long table. Book the large party room if you prefer some privacy! Beauty of it all is that most of the time it isn’t too busy… with plenty of free parking spaces !!

Overall the food was pretty interesting and esthetically pleasing. However some dishes are a hit or miss… All their sushi rice are made with wild grain red rice (geared towards the heath cautious customers); for me, I prefer traditional white sushi rice… The texture is chewy and doesn’t blend well…

G-Be Izakaya Japanese Restaurant
4331 Dominion St
Burnaby, BC
(604) 435-6002

G-Be Izakaya on Urbanspoon
Cuisine: Japanese
Price/Entrée: $10-15

Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)

Food: 3.5
Service: 4
Ambiance: 4
Overall: 4

Dynamite Explosion Roll…


Prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber, wrapped with seaweed inside-out & topped with spicy tuna. What’s nice about this roll is that the prawn was fresh, sweet and still elastic to the bite… What’s odd about it is the wild grain rice…

Crab & Lobster Croquette…


Weekly special korokke (or croquette) made with mashed potatoes, infused with crab and lobster. Nice velvety smoothness deep fried with panko. Although delish and all, couldn’t really taste the crab nor the lobster… (I wasn’t expecting a lot of the shell fishes to begin with…) Wasteful in a croquette? My bf thought so…

Hamachi Carpaccio…


Yellow tail fish thinly sliced served with tobikos, cucumbers and chives with light wasabi vinaigrette … fresh and sweet yet slightly tangy… nom nom nom This was quite a refreshing dish…

Saba Sashimi…


God I love mackerals… give me more pls!

Uni Sashimi…


Oh mon dieu!!!  (it’s OMG in French btw… what were you thinking? lol)

Other try-outs sans photo:

Soy Milk Hot Pot…

Presented in a miniature wooden hot-pot box came a soy milk tasteless broth that lacked flavour and oomph. It also lacked some heat (meaning it hot pot wasn’t very hot at all). Vegetables (some bok-choy, carrots, cabbage and other odds) were chopped finely and raw…

Crème Brulee…

Comes in 3 flavors: green tea, jasmine and earl grey. The best was hands down the earl-grey – rich is flavour, somewhat like a London Fog less sweet… perfect. The other two was just regular, nothing wow about it. The caramelized crust was just right.

Uni Steamed sushi mini Hot Pot…

If you are a fan of Uni, you will really like it… Wild grain rice with egg, seafood, and yours truly the sea urchin. There is about 8 spoonfuls at most – share sparingly, better yet get one for yourself!

That’s it for now… ja ne!


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