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Juice Cleanse Price Comparison | Best Juice Cleanse Vancouver

Juice Truck Juice Cleanse

So you want to start a cold press juice cleanse? You want to kick start a healthy lifestyle. You have a big date coming up and need a detox. Whatever the reason maybe, sifting through multiple websites is difficult! We get that. That is why we have created the follow Juice Cleanse Price Comparison for you. We understanding that going cold-turkey on food is hard (heck I’ve been there!) Shopping for the best juice cleanse shouldn’t!


The following chart below will compare juice cleanse prices for a 3 day juice cleanse,  5 day juice cleanse, number of juice bottles per cleanse per day, whether the juices are designed by a Naturopathic Doctor or Registered Holistic Nutritionist.




Juice Cleanse Price Comparison

The Juice Truck Juice Box The Juicery Co Krokodile Pear Leafy Box The Local Lift Juice Bar
# of Juices per day 7 6 | 8 6 6  6  6
1 Day na $59.99 $68 $60 $50 $33
3 Day $195 $179.99 $204 $180 $150 $99
5 Day $325 $299.99 $340 $300 $250 $159
7 Day $455 na $476 na na $219
Custom Pack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes na
Bridal Cleanse
3 Day (5 juice/day) $275
5 Day (5 juice/day) $389
Naturopathic Doctor na na Dr. Rigo Kefferputz
Dr. Jennie Weisenburger
na na na Emily Habert
Registered Holistic Nutritionist Eden Elizabeth Alyssa Bauman Erin Luyendyk na Shar Laderman na na
Delivery Yes
(Free Greater Vancouver)
(Free Within Vancouver)
(Free Within Vancouver)
(Free Within Vancouver)
na Yes
(Free Within Vancouver)
Bottle Type Plastic Glass Glass Plastic Glass Plastic Glass

*prices above does not include tax.



Juicing is not a temporary weight loss solution. Being healthy requires a lifestyle change that includes eating clean and maintaining a regular exercise regiment. Juice cleansing helps to catalyze this process while we re-introduce key ingredients, essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  Juice cleanse helps reduce digestion of preservatives, toxins and pollutants.



We hope this juice cleanse comparison will help you find the best juice cleanse diet suitable for your needs. If you must ask, our favorite is The Juice Truck and The Juicery Co.


Vitae Cold Press Juice Vancouver Juice Cleanse

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