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Suika Izakaya, Vancouver

Kingyo expanded a sister restaurant Suika Izakaya on West Broadway and Fir St. I was there on a Tuesday night and it’s already packed around 7pm. Make sure you make reservation if you want to come on the weekend. I really enjoy looking at their beer bottles covered lights, quite creative.

They have a Suika-watermelon signature drink and they serve it in a cocktail glass that also has a watermelon on it. I finally realized that they put the Japanese cartoon character Doraemon and his little sister Dorami as the menu background at the second time I was there. Obviously I am all about their food.

Cuisine: Japanese, Izakaya, Tapa

Price/Entrée: $10-20

Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)

Food: 4

Service: 4

Ambiance: 4.5

Overall: 4

Suika on Urbanspoon

First we started with Toko wasabi and amaebi sashimi. Amaebi is always my favorite and it’s a must order item. I wish they could deep fry the shrimp heads. It looks more appealing and fresh with the whole shrimp on the plate.

Amaebi Sashimi $5

Toko wasabi with seaweed $3.5

Kakuni Bibimbap $8.80 picture take after the server mixed the rice.

Stewed pork belly, sweet dried shrimp & scallions on rice served in a hot stone bowl.

Another must order item is Aburi ‘Shime-saba’ sushi. Saba became my new favorite sashimi a couple years ago. The rice was a bit soggy with too much sauce.

Aburi ‘Shime-saba’ sushi $12

Seared Cured Mackerel Pressed sushi served with mustard soy dressing.

AAA steak on hot stone plate. You can tell I am a fan of hot stone bowl/plate. You can cook your steak a bit more on the hot stone plate if you wish. But I like it as is, perfect medium rare. You may find it a bit more on the salty side.

AAA Beef filet Steak and fresh garlic served on a hot stone plate $16

Comes with fresh shichimi spice & soy onion sauce

If you have more room for dessert, I would recommend matcha cream brulee to complete your meal. It’s a frozen dessert and it tastes like ice-cream. So yummy.

Matcha cream brulee (left) and red bean strawberry cake (right)

They do open late, a good place to have dessert and drinks!

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