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Taps and Tacos Port Moody | Mexican Cantina

Taps and Tacos Port Moody | Mexican Cantina

Taps and Tacos is a new Mexican restaurant in Port Moody. It is located on 91 Moody Street and Saint Johns Street – diagonally across from Pizzeria Spacca Napoli and just up the street from Brewery Row (Yellow Dog Brewing Co, Twin Sails Brewing, The […]

Yellow Dog Brewing Port Moody | Tri-Cities Craft Beer

Yellow Dog Brewing Port Moody | Tri-Cities Craft Beer

Yellow Dog Brewing Co is one of the microbreweries in thePort Moody (Tri-Cities). Across the street is Rocky Point Park. Next to it is Twin Sails Brewing and Parkside Brewery. Port Moody really is the place to be. This area is finally growing up with local beer, […]

Gabi and Jules Bakery Port Moody | Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness

Gabi and Jules Bakery Port Moody | Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness

Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness


Gabi and Jules is a new pie shop and bakery in Port Moody on 2302B Clarke Street. The shop is owned by Lisa and Patrick Beecroft and is named after their two daughters Gabi and Jules. For those not familiar with their pies, they have been sold in the family’s Caffee Divano coffee shop (Tri-Cities Port Moody, Coquitlam and Burnaby).

Handmade Pies and Baked Goodness


Their handmade pies are made with natural, seasonal ingredients and contains no food dyes or chemicals and butter. They do not use shortening in their crusts. Since their eldest has autism, one dollar from each whole pie sold goes to Medicare for Autism Now and the Autism Support Network.


Pies are served in pie tins which customers can bring back or use themselves at home.


I love that there are giant chunks of seasonal fruits. Each pie has a great sweet to tart ratio and isn’t overly sweet. There is a great selection of pie flavors to choose from ranging from the classic apple pie to blueberry nectarine.

Gabi & Jules Pie Flavors

  • Strawberry Ginger Peach
  • Traditional Apple Pie
  • Raspberry Rhubarb
  • Blueberry Nectarine
  • Blackberry Apple Pie
  • Lemon Coconut Blueberry



In addition to pies, this cute little bakery also offers sandwiches, wraps, jams and bake-at-home scone mixes. I love their unique flavors like bumbleberry preserves (mixed-berry), tomato jam, and ginger peach marmalade.

gabi-and-jules-bakery-port-moody-pie-shop-instanomss-nomss-delicious-food-photography-healthy-travel-lifestyle-canada-1052Handmade Pies and Baked Goodnessgabi-and-jules-bakery-port-moody-pie-shop-instanomss-nomss-delicious-food-photography-healthy-travel-lifestyle-canada-1056gabi-and-jules-bakery-port-moody-pie-shop-instanomss-nomss-delicious-food-photography-healthy-travel-lifestyle-canada-1057


I recommend adding a scoop of ice cream to your slice of pie! Or if you dare, add a slice of cheddar cheese to your apple pie! Bake it slightly to allow it to bake onto your pie. Trust me, it is the best!




Gabi & Jules Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Gabi & Jules
Cuisine: Pies, Bakery, Sandwiches

Friday 8AM–6PM
Saturday 8AM–6PM
Sunday 8AM–6PM
Monday 8AM–6PM
Tuesday 8AM–6PM
Wednesday 8AM–6PM
Thursday 8AM–6PM

2302B Clarke St, Port Moody, BC V3H 1Y8
(604) 492-4226





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Pizzeria Spacca Napoli Port Moody | Italian Naepolitan Pizza  Tri-Cities

Pizzeria Spacca Napoli Port Moody | Italian Naepolitan Pizza Tri-Cities

Pizzeria Spacca Napoli is a new Italian Pizza joint in Port Moody on 2801 St Johns Street. This new Naepolitan restaurant is rather new to the Tri-Cities neighbourhood. Every time, we drove by it is packed full of people. The restaurant has a modern yet […]

Coquitlam Tri-Cities Eats | Where to Eat in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody

Coquitlam Tri-Cities Eats | Where to Eat in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody

What to eat in Coquitlam, Tri-Cities? Often I get asked this when my Vancouver friends venture into my neck of the woods. Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, and Port Moody area has changed so much within the past few years. Compared to a decade ago, there are […]

Brown’s Social House Port Moody (Newport)

Brown’s Social House Port Moody (Newport)

brown's social house port moody 00008

brown's social house port moody 00003



Brown’s Social House Port Moody is a chain restaurants similar to Earls and Joey. Brown’s Social House menu offers upscale pub food like burgers, pizza. It has some healthier options like rice bowls, sushi and salads.  The Port Moody location has a pretty nice garden patio space. It is perfect for the late brunch on a Sunday. Brunch menu is available Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 10am to 2pm.


brown's social house port moody 00001

brown's social house port moody 00012


Corned Beef hash 12.25: two poached eggs, corned beef, red peppers + onions, salsa, hollandaise, breakfast potatoes. Relish and tomato sauce adds great acidity and cuts the rich creamy soft poached egg.


brown's social house port moody 00010

brown's social house port moody 00006


Ultimate Chicken Club Burger 15.75: onion ring, bacon, havarti, bbq sauce is juicy and moist. The batter is light and bacon is crispy. Substitute coleslaw for fries if you are looking to add some creamy and crunchy texture.


Brown’s Social House is great place to watch the hockey game!



Browns Socialhouse on Urbanspoon

215 Newport Dr, Port Moody, BC V3H 5C9
(604) 461-7676


[cetsEmbedGmap src=’s+Social+House&hnear=0x548678e6dcab23d3:0xc3bfae98d4c6f87c,Port+Moody,+BC&cid=11219620648337361200&t=m&z=16&iwloc=A width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

Fuji Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Port Moody

Fuji Sushi Japanese Restaurant, Port Moody

Fuji Sushi Japanese Restaurant moved from its old Austin Ave, Coquitlam location to Port Moody (beside McDonald’s and the Police Station). This location used to be a Hong Kong style café I used to frequent during high school and frankly nothing really has changed. Fuji kept […]

Cake Ya Japanese Dessert, Port Moody – Okinawa Shortbread x Match Green Tea Cake

Cake Ya Japanese Dessert, Port Moody – Okinawa Shortbread x Match Green Tea Cake

  Cake Ya Japanese Dessert is a lovely Japanese bakery located in Port Moody off the beaten path on Clarke Road (a few blocks away from Rocky Point). They specialize in cream pudding with a Japanese fusion twist:  Custard Creme Caramel, Match Creme, Black Sesame, etc. […]

Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant, Port Moody (Reed Point Marina)

Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant, Port Moody (Reed Point Marina)


A little hidden gem tucked away in Reed Point Marina, off the Barnet Highway in Port Moody. Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant looks like a house or shack . It seems rather random on the parking lot overlooking the parked boats. It is anything but random: 1. You need to call ahead to RSVP (it is not some place you can drop in); 2. It is for authentic Italian cuisine lovers; 3. Chef Roberto creates “Degustazione” (tasting menus) based on seasonal availability and market freshness of all ingredients.

We came here for a friend’s birthday and we had the whole place to ourselves. Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant offers private dinner party. We had our own private chef! This requires a group reservation of 20 guests or more. The night we arrived, it was pouring rain and there was no view to be enjoyed. I would imagine on any other clear starry night, it would’ve much more romantic.


We were greeted by friendly service and while we mingled by the bar / drinks area for some wine and hors d’œuvres: sardine, avocado and tomatoe burchetta.


The main dining room  in Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant was arranged with a long table with tons of natural light and windows. The only strange part was the solo washroom was located inside the dining room. We joked whether we would hear the person doing their business. But I think we were much too noisy. Noise blocked. Good!



Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant Tasting Menu : $55/person (not including tax/tip). Let me being to say the portions are very generous. There was a lot of doggy bagging and I still don’t understand how some of the boys were able to finish everything off their plates.


Appetizers – Grilled calamari stuffed with ricotta, Caprese salad, Polenta with Baccala (dried cod): It is when fresh ripe tomatoes meet light tasting fresh cheese you realize you are off to a good start. The calamaris were tender and moist and the ricotta albumin was slightly sweet in taste. This was a heavy start and I realized I needed to pace myself if I wanted to make it to the main course.



First course – I feel like I am at a Chinese banquet where they serve you rice and noodles near the end. Only I’m in a pretty little house.

Tagliatelle in a meat sauce: the pasta had a fresh egg texture which you could taste the quality in the ingredients. Cooked al dente and layered with a rich, bold and savory meat sauce.


Risotto with prawns & leek: This creamy dish a lightly seasoned over individually al dente rice cooked at the right temperature. Compared to the Tagliatelle it lacked some kick.



Second course – Grilled tenderloin of pork, Braised beef, served with grilled vegetables: Honestly at this point I really couldn’t eat anymore. But it wasn’t much of a loss since the dish overall was very salty. The meat seemed a bit over cooked and the grilled vegetables wasn’t too impressive either.



Dessert – Tiramisu: Nicely presented as a cake! Perfect for the birthday girl. Ladyfinger cookies are dipped in coffee and layered with mascarpone and dusted with cocoa powder. A light but creamy dessert.


Of course, what`s a birthday without some Presecco Vino Frizzante!

It was a lovely experience but I’m not sure how inclined I would be to go back given the enormous portions I can’t finish. Our visit will need to be pre-planned.

Casa Fabesso on Urbanspoon

Casa Fabesso Italian Restaurant Port Moody
Cuisine: Italian, Pasta
Monday Group Bookings Only (10 or more)
Tuesday Group Bookings Only (10 or more)
Wednesday Group Bookings Only (10 or more)
Thursday Dinner by reservation only
Friday Dinner by reservation only
Saturday Dinner by reservation only
Sunday Group Bookings Only (10 or more)

850 Barnet Hwy, Port Moody, BC V3H 1V6
(604) 937-0727

Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge, Port Moody (Suter Brook Village)

Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge, Port Moody (Suter Brook Village)

We always see Onyx Steakhouse and Lounge on your way to Suter Brook Village in Port Moody, in fact it is just around the corner from my yoga studio . I always wonder whether we should give it a try. On one occasion while chatting with […]

Rocky Point Ice Cream & Café, Port Moody

Rocky Point Ice Cream & Café, Port Moody

    Summer times calls for Ice Cream. Period. On random days I like to head off to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody for a picnic and a light stroll. On other days, perhaps kayaking or paddle boarding. Rocky Point has a few gems […]

Nagano Japanese Restaurant, Coquitlam / Port Moody

Nagano Japanese Restaurant, Coquitlam / Port Moody

Nagano Japanese Restaurant first began in Newport Village in Port Moody over ten years ago. I still remember when I first started going when I was in high school. With so many sushi restaurants opening and closing, there are maybe a few I would consider best Japanese restaurant in Coquitlam / Tri-Cities area. Shyun Sushi, Osamu, and Nagago would be your best choice IMO.

nagano sushi 023

nagano sushi 022
Nagano soon expanded its operations to Glen Drive by Coquitlam Center. It is a sign that this place retains loyal customers and attracts new ones with its quality ingredients and friendly services.
nagano sushi 001

The Coquitlam Center location is trendier, while the Newport one is more traditional. Both are good and depends which location you are closer to. Nagano Coquitlam, has private party rooms along the back, section tables and a sushi bar with high chairs in the front. Polaroids of restaurant parties, guests, and staff makes the sushi bar rooftop more personable and character. Sometimes if you are lucky, the owner / chef will be in house making your sushi, sashimi or rolls. He is always sociable and comes by for a chat!

Nagano on Urbanspoon Nagano on Urbanspoon



Usually they are complimentary starters…


Tonight was bite size teriyaki salmon with house special sauce.
nagano sushi 010
Seafood Croquette $6.99
nagano sushi 008
nagano sushi 009

Bite size karrage balls with drizzled with tonkutsu sauce. Inside is mashed potatoe, seafood and carrots.

Sometimes because they are so bite size that they become a little charred and hard.


Toro Sashimi $15.99
nagano sushi 015

Generous portion of fatty tuna belly that melts in your mouth.


Rocky Point Roll $10.99
nagano sushi 011
nagano sushi 012

Real crab accented with big hotate and tobiko. Swimmingly fresh real crab cali roll topped with scallop.




Sometimes if you have special requests, they are more than happy to accommodate and make recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask / be adventurous!
Iniri Sushi stuff Crab Meat, Chopped Scallops, and Tobiko
nagano sushi 014
nagano sushi 013

I was first introduced to this at Osamu Sushi (click) another one of my favorite go-to sushi places. The chef recommended it after. Iniri sweet bean curd is opened (instead of the typical folded with rice inside) stuff with goodies!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese $10.99
nagano sushi 018

Slightly disappointed that there were no “cream cheese” type fusion rolls on the menu. We asked if this was possible.
nagano sushi 017
Some smoked salmon, cream cheese, tobiko, wasabi mayo


Also one of my favourites here is the oranges that are served afterwards.
nagano sushi 019

No worries of getting your hands dirty!



To finish off, green tea and mango ice cream
nagano sushi 020

nagano sushi 021
Also notable:

  • Silk Worm Roll – chopped scallop, tobiko, amaebi wrapped with avocado
  • Chirashi Don – assorted sashimi and rice
  • BBQ
  • Ebi Mayo
  • Black Cod



  • Japanese / Fusion
  • One of Coquitlam’s best Japanese Restaurant
  • Opens Late until 1am
  • Friendly service


Nagano Japanese Restaurant

Two Locations:

  • 254 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC
  • 2918 Glen Drive, Coquitlam, BC


[cetsEmbedGmap src=,+BC&daddr=2918+Glen+Dr+in+Coquitlam,+BC&hl=en&sll=49.282402,-122.799957&sspn=0.008175,0.024698&geocode=FSj_7wIdKdOt-CnXKUjR2XiGVDH9MICJia_TzQ%3BFWL97wIdqziu-ClZr5-KMn-GVDH6t-ZiETEi3Q&vpsrc=0&mra=ls&t=m&z=15 width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]