The Watershed Grill, Whistler / Squamish

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We’re taking a staycation to Whistler for my birthday weekend. Even though Whistler ski season is pretty much done and May is around the corner, the Sea to Sky Highway is bare. Because there aren’t any snow on the roads, we were able to enjoy the scenic along the drive. Vancouver, BC is beautiful when you got the city, the ocean and the mountains.

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We took our sweet time having breakfast and made Vietnamese coffee before we left Vancouver. By the time we got to Squamish we were more or less famished. Dave suggested that we head to The Nest Restaurant in Brackendale, BC. When we got there, it was closed.




It was fate that we detoured to The Watershed Grill down the street on Government Road. We did a little Google-ing and saw that reviews were decent. You may be a little skeptical when you pull up to the driveway. It is like someone’s backyard, a modest shed.
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When you climb up to the top of the stairs you are greeted with a gorgeous view of Eagle’s Run – water, trail, beautiful mountain backdrop and a restaurant with front row seats.
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Open patio, inside bar, and a dining room area inside.

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Salt rimmed glass with a sharp spicy tomato cocktail with not just one “impotent” bean  but two. This Caesar is a delightful surprise that brightens my day. I shall remember it and add it to my “list”.


REUBEN SANDWICH sauerkraut, swiss, yellow mustard, pickle, marble rye

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A deli favourite of a striking balance with a good helping of corned beef, a bit of cheese, heaps of sauerkraut, and plenty of Dijon. It brought back memories of Schwartz’s Hebrew Delicatessen Montreal.



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Simple but well executed. The pasta was al dente, the chicken well-seasoned and flavourful. Plenty of pesto and grape tomatoes.

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Bring good walking shoes so you can enjoy a little stroll after lunch on the Eagle Run. Why the hurry?




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41101 Government Road  Squamish, BC V0N1H0

(604) 898-6665



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