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TWG Tea Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake Collection

TWG Tea Mooncakes NomssA new blossom inspires the starry night sky, marking the arrival of a luscious harvest. This year, TWG Tea narrates the story of the constellation with the Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake Collection, a rich and enduring assortment of patisseries set to inspire and intrigue any epicurean this mid-autumn festival.



TWG Tea Mooncakes Nomss

Celebrating age old traditions where tea was once served to accompany sweets, the Lotus Jade Tea in Haute Couture Tea Collection® blooms in brilliant hues of green and gold, a fresh new beginning for a joyous occasion. A tender green tea with lotus blossoms, the exquisite cup yields a thick, heady and decadent aroma that lingers long on the palate. An extraordinary tea perfectly paired with TWG Tea’s curated selection of tea-infused mooncakes.


TWG Tea Mooncakes Nomss

Indulge in new creations such as the decadent Daydream mooncake, a magical flight of the imagination wrapped in a perfectly baked bold red crust, with blueberries, white lotus paste, and a unique almond and blueberry purée heart infused with Red Balloon Tea. For the cherry on top, savour the unique Cerise mooncake which boasts a luxurious white chocolate and crunchy coconut heart with Amarena cherry surrounded by a brown lotus paste infused with Pu-erh 2000. Beckoning a new dawn, the Moonlit mooncake glows in a luscious jade green snowskin, featuring a Lotus Jade Tea infused mousseline and a white chocolate heart filled with a sweet Nashi pear marmalade. Emanating the warm glow of a lantern, the Blossom mooncake in brilliant orange conceals a Geisha Blossom Tea infused mousseline contrasted by tangy apricot marmalade encased in a white chocolate heart.



TWG Tea Mooncakes Nomss


TWG Tea’s set of two mooncakes paired with Lotus Jade Tea in the Haute Couture Tea Collection® will retail at $95 (Traditional) and $115 (Snowskin), a set of four Mooncakes retails at $80 (Traditional) and $95 (Snowskin), both available in the elegant Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake gift box. Each mooncake in an individual Lotus Jade Tea Mooncake gift box retails at $20 (Traditional) and $25 (Snowskin). Available at the TWG Tea Salon & Boutique in Vancouver, Canada from 14 September 2017 to 4 October 2017.



TWG Tea Mooncakes Nomss




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