Westender Korean Cafe, Vancouver (Downtown) | BBQ pork belly sam gyeop sal at Suh Jjok Na Ra

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Suh Jjok Na Ra Westender Korean Cafe Vancouver Denman Street serves one thing only – BBQ pork bellysam gyeop sal”. There is no menu, so you don’t need to waste time to fuss over a menu to find the best thing available. What you need to do is tell your server how many portions you’d like and that’s it.

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Westender Korean Cafe menu is $10.95/portion and comes with lettuce, green onion and lettuce vinaigrette (add into your lettuce wrap) and the usual sides (ban chans) – bean sprouts, kimchi, daikon, etc.

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Soft tender pork belly slices are neatly stacked on the plate and comes with a sesame salted oil for dipping. DIY grilling over a portable grill. Remember not to overcook them.

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Westender Korean Cafe Vancouver has been around for eons and is bit of a hole in the wall. The picture in front of the restaurant is a bit misleading from what you see inside. Chug down a few beers and I bet you can’t even tell.

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Westender Korean Cafe
Cuisine: Korean, BBQ Grill,
Hours: afternoon – late

854 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9
Phone:(604) 693-2322

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