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La Vita Ruffino | Secret Romantic Italian Wine Getaway

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Come meet me at 397 Alexander Street. I fancy an evening at an unmarked address in Railtown any day. The Vancouver International Wine Festival was going strong. I just came off from a decadent five course Winery Dinner and swirling wines from Tasting Room makes this secret rendezvous more inviting!

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The Tuscan escape for La Vita Ruffino left no details untouched. Heth PR, Countdown Events, and Celsia Floral curated the romantic long table transformation. If you had followed us on Snapchat ( My snapchat is instanomss👻), you would’ve seen that even the oranges were real! Sophia and Sarah can attest to that!

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Open pour of Ruffino Prosecco, Lumina Pinot Grigio, Riserva Ducale paired with amuse bouche and charcuteries by Railtown Catering. Ruffino winemaker, Gabriele Tacconi came and joined us for a few cheers.

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